About Brian

M y name is Brian Burchik, and I love my life…seriously. I’m not just saying that. My wife Erin, my daughter Amyra (that’s her running next to me), and black lab Macy all contribute to that fact.

For the last six years, I’ve been a pastor to hundreds of students and young adults outside Atlanta, Georgia at Grace-Snellville. During this time, I wrestled through 3 years of grad school at Bethel Seminary, gaining a Masters degree in Transformational Leadership. So technically, I’ve mastered leading transformation. (Not to be pretentious or anything.)

In 2011, I began the #LiveFully project because God spoke to me at a mattress store (true story) and I wanted to help people clarify why they are here and what they are called to do with their lives.

Through the blog and my new book, I share the vision and perspectives that have led to powerful transformation in my own life and faith community.

Today, I devote the majority of my time as a speaker, writer, and ministry coach. Whether I’m communicating on a stage, behind a laptop, or one-on-one coaching, my goal is simple: to empower people to live the most full life on the planet.

I believe God’s story, as told in the Bible, offers the greatest vision for life. I’ve seen firsthand the transformation when people experience the life that Jesus offers, and I can’t settle for anything less. It’s my privilege to lead and coach others to grab hold of it as well.  


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